HSC Cores

Cores at the University of Utah are managed by either the Health Sciences Center (HSC-managed), the Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI-managed) or the Main Campus (Main Campus-managed). Although managed separately, shared efforts campus-wide are coordinated by a committee with representation from each of these three entities, headed by the Vice President for Research. Governance for HSC-managed cores is provided below, whereas governance for HCI-managed cores is provided here.

The Core Facility office is responsible for personnel and financial affairs. All of the Core facilities operate on a charge-back basis, although the percent recovery of operating expenses for each facility varies greatly. The School of Medicine operates a number of cores facilities that offer both advanced technologies and equipment. The goal of the Cores is to make technology and expertise available to all faculty members and students. The institutional view is that supporting core facilities is the single best way that institutional funds can be used to promote the University’s research mission.

If you are new to the Cores, you must complete a work authorization form which will allow you to use all of the services that the cores offer. The form is located at the top of the page underneath WORK AUTH FORMS. There is a video with instructions and the form is electronic.