Machine Shop

The SOM Machine Shop Core is the premiere milling and machining facility at the University of Utah, providing unparalleled service to the School of Medicine and the broader University community. The Machine Shop Core is equipped with a full complement of lathes, drills, vertical mills, knee mills, welders, grinders, and C-N-C machinery capable of repairing existing devices and of making new products from scratch. The experienced machinists will consult to assist with the design process for products ranging from precise surgical instruments to large-scale biomechanical testing equipment. The Machine Shop is capable of fabricating and repairing devices and parts out of carbon-steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, and plastics as well as other materials depending on the requirements of design specifications. Located in Research Park, the Machine Shop is a convenient fabrication resource for the University of Utah.

We are, by far, the shop with the fastest turn around. Also, you can come in with just an idea, or part of an idea, and leave with the satisfaction of having something designed and built that can do the job.

We can help you with all of your research or clinical equipment development or repair work:

  • Surgical tool developing modification or repair
  • Research equipment development repair and modification
  • Microscope development modification & repair including various adapters
  • Animal research equipment & devices
  • Designing and drawing
  • Cutting and welding
  • Machining or any type of fabrication in metal, wood, or plastic

Let us save you money be repairing or modifying existing equipment or tailor them to your exact needs, build new ideas from the ground up, even build patent prototypes, from the ground up. From concept, to design, to prototype, to product, start to finish all in this facility.

We offer design services to help you define just what it is that you need. We can make drawings of the design and assure you the device that will perform the task you require.

From there, we can build the device using these additional services:
Here is a large table saw being used to cut up plastic for a special animal enclosure. We have the capability to make small and large projects from wood as well as plastics in our extensive wood shop.

We do all types of sawing. We have a large wood shop for cutting up wood and plastic. We have metal cutting cut off saws and band saws. We also cut stone, small pieces of glass, or other materials that require abrasive cut off wheels.

Here is a piece of plastic being formed into a part to repair a surgical table.

We can do machining both manual…


…and CNC controlled.

Here is our director, Barry Evans, doing some big lathe work. We can do large lathe work up to a diameter of 3ft and 12ft in length.

We do lathe work from very large up to 3ft diameter and 12ft long…

We can do micro lathe work. Here is an image of a tiny shaft turned on a micro lathe.

…to tiny shafts turned on a micro lathe.

We offer painting, hard coating, and sandblasted finishes as well as using our spray booth, sandblaster, and finish oven.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 8am-5:30pm


School of Medicine Machine Shop
729 Arapeen Drive  Room 1520
Salt Lake City Utah  84108-1218


Shawn Colby, Director

Dusty Layton, Machinist


Kim Slusser, Machinist