Injection or electroporation CRISPR guideRNA’s to determine efficiency of cutting before proceeding to mouse generation.
Price: $500 for F1 (CBAxC57Bl6) embryos

Price: $750 for C57Bl6 embryos


Guaranteed at least 30 embryos per guide for up to three guides

Services provided by the facility:

The transgenic mouse facility will superovulate donor mice, harvest single cell embryos and inject or electroporate CRISPR guideRNA’s provided by the investigators. The Core provides Cas9 protein or will use Cas9 expressing mice. The University of Utah Mutation Generation and Detection Core provides excellent service for design and production of CRISPR guides as well as HRMA analysis.

30-50 embryos will be injected or electroporated for each guide for up to three guides per project and will be cultured to blastocyst stage for genetic analysis.

Responsibilities of the investigator

  • Discuss experimental design with facility director before initiation of the project.
  • Provide guide RNA’s to the facility.
  • Submit work authorization form.

Validation of CRISPR guideRNA fee includes:

$500-$750 will be charged when blastocysts are provided to researcher or Mutation Core for Analysis.