Production of transgenic mice using pronuclear injection of DNA, including BAC DNA.

Price: $3500 for F1 (CBAxC57Bl6) embryos
Price: $4500 for C57Bl6 embryos
Price: $3500 for any other specific strain (researcher must provide mice)

Guaranteed at least 200 implanted eggs

Services provided by the facility:

The transgenic mouse facility will superovulate donor mice, harvest single cell embryos and inject DNA provided by the investigators. Surviving embryos will be implanted into pseudopregnant females.

At least 200 embryos will be injected and implanted, which usually results in approximately 50 pups. Ear biopsies from all pups will be given to the investigator for genotyping. There is no guarantee that resulting pups will be transgenic.

Responsibilities of the investigator

  • Discuss experimental design with facility director before initiation of the project.
  • Purify your DNA construct using protocols provided by the facility. We require at least 1ug of purified DNA at a concentration of at least 100ng/ul. DNA must have a 260/280 ratio of 1.8 to 2, and a 260/230 ratio of greater than 2
  • Obtain IACUC approval and mouse space for your project.
  • Submit work authorization form.

Transgenic Production of Mice fee includes:

$3500-$4500 will be charged when pups are born after injection of DNA into embryos.

If there are no transgenic pups we will reinject your construct and charge half.

Any animals left with the facility longer than 3 weeks after ear biopsies have been taken for genotyping will be charged to the investigator at $2.00/ day/ cage of animals.