In vitro fertilization to rederive mouse lines from frozen or fresh sperm

Price: $1000 for F1 (CBAxC57Bl6) embryos
Price: $1500 for C57Bl6 embryos
Price: $1000 for any other specific strain (researcher must provide mice)

Services provided by the facility:

Hormone induced eggs from either CBA x C57Bl6 F1 mice or C57Bl6 inbred mice.

Pseudopregnant females to implant fertilized embryos.

Housing for mice until weaning.

Responsibilities of the investigator

  • Ampoule of frozen sperm or a male mouse.
  • Submit a “work authorization form”.
  • Obtain IACUC approval and mouse space for your project.

Rederiviation of mouse line via ivf fee includes:

$1000-$1500 for rederivation of genetically altered mice from frozen or fresh sperm.

Any animals left with the facility longer than 3 weeks after earclip biopsies have been taken for genotyping will be charged to the investigator at $2.00/day/cage.