Production of chimeric mice using injection of targeted or gene-trapped ES cells into blastocysts

Price: $5500 for R1 or G4 ES cells
Price: $6000 for C57B16 ES cells

Guaranteed 2 chimeric males 80% or better for R1 or G4; 2 chimeric males 50% or better for C57Bl6


Services Provided by the Facility:

Targeted ES cells (two clones from the same targeting construct) will be microinjected into C56Bl/6 blastocysts, after which they will be implanted into pseudopregnant females. Any resulting male pups which are >40% chimeric will be bred to test for germline transmission. It is recommended that targeted ES clones by karyotyped prior to microinjection.

Responsibilities of the investigator:

  • Discuss the experimental design with facility director before initiation of the project.
  • Provide targeted ES cells or clone number of positives.
  • Develop a reliable genotyping assay before submission of ES cells to the facility.
  • Obtain IACUC approval for your project before submission of ES cells.
  • Obtain space with Animal Resources Center for housing targeted animals
  • Assign personnel within the investigator’s lab to monitor targeted animals.
  • Submit a “work authorization form”.

Chimeric mouse production fee includes:

$5500-$6000 fee will be charged upon production of 2 or more >80% male chimeras (>50% male chimeras for C57Bl6 ES cells).

If there is no germline transmission we will inject another two clones of the same construct and charge half. If there are no other targeted clones, we will reinject the same two clones and charge half.

Any animals left with the facility longer than 3 weeks after earclip biopsies have been taken for genotyping will be charged to the investigator at $2.00/day/cage.