Production of gene targeted embryonic stem cells. We target your DNA into 129 derived R1 ES cells or G4 ES cells which are a 129/C57B16 hybrid or C57Bl6 ES cells, either N or J.

Price: $5000 for R1 or G4 ES cells
Price: $5500 for C57B16 ES cells

Guaranteed 100 or more clones.

Services Provided by the Facility

The gene-targeting facility will electroporate DNA provided by the investigator into embryonic stem cells (ES cells) and perform positive-negative selection. 192 ES clones will be picked, frozen, and duplicate plates will be grown up for DNA. DNA will be isolated and given to the investigator to analyze for targeted clones.

Responsibilities of the investigator

  • Discuss experimental design with facility director before initiation of the project.
  • provide a map of the construct including size, regions of homology, selection strategy, enzyme sites, primer binding sites.
  • purify the DNA targeting vector according to protocols provided by the facility. We’ll need 50 ug of purified, linearized DNA at ~1ug/ul.
  • Provide gel documentation of the purity and concentration of the DNA target.
  • Develop a reliable genotyping assay before submission of DNA to the facility.
  • Submit a “work authorization form”.
  • Frozen ES cells will be stored for two months while the DNA is being analyzed.

Gene targeted ES cell production fee includes:

$5000-$5500 will be charged upon delivery of DNA from at least 100 clones.

If there are no targeting events, we will repeat the electroporation, pick twice as many clones and charge half price ($2500).

A yearly storage fee of $50 will be charged for 1-50 vials of ES cells, $100 for 51-100 vials, and $150 for 101-150 vials.