Collect blastocysts to transfer mice to another facility. Sending live embryos is the simplest, quickest method of transferring pathogen-free transgenic mice to another facility.

Shipment of frozen embryos or sperm.

Price: $150

Services provided by the facility:

Supply hormones to investigator to superovulate females.

Dissect plugged females and flush blastocysts from your mice.

Prepare the embryos for shipment.

Ship blastocysts at ambient temperature to another facility.

Work with investigator to coordinate with receiving facility to set up pseudopregnant recipients.

Shipment of frozen embryos or sperm includes use of and “charging” liquid nitrogen dry shipper.

Responsibilities of the investigator

  • Superovulate 3 to 5 females, mate with males, and check plugs.
  • Coordinate with Core to set up a time and place to dissect females.
  • Submit a “work authorization form”.
  • Supply the Core with a Fed Ex number to pay for shipping.
  • Supply all necessary customs forms if shipping to another country.

Exportation of blastocysts fee includes:

Safe shipment of all blastocysts obtained from plugged females.

Safe shipment of frozen embryos or sperm in liquid nitrogen dry shipper.