Embryonic stem (ES) cell lines are derived from the inner cell mass of blastocyst stage embryos. The inner cell mass is manually disaggregated, grown on feeders and expanded to prepare frozen stocks and genomic DNA. Individual ES cell clones are identified by morphology and can be karyotyped.

Price: $2000

Services provided by the facility:

Supply hormones to investigator to superovulate females.

Dissect plugged females and flush blastocysts from your mice.

Grow blastocysts in culture until hatching; pick out the inner cell mass and disaggregate onto feeders; passage and expand individual clones; freeze cells and prepare DNA from each clone.

Provide genomic DNA and frozen ES clones to investigator.

Karyotype up to 4 ES cell lines.

Responsibilities of the investigator

  • Superovulate 5 to 8 females, mate with males, and check plugs.
  • Coordinate with Core to setup a time and a place to dissect females.
  • Genotype DNA from ES cell lines.
  • Identify up to 4 cell lines to expand.
  • Submit a “work authorization form”.

ES cell line derivation fee includes:

Four ES cell lines from one mouse strain.