Although this has nothing to do with Freezer Programs, since my page comes up when you search freezers and University of Utah, I’ve been asked to point out a new policy:

If you have freezers covered by the University of Utah insurance programs, you MUST have a maintenance contract on them.  If you do not, you may not be covered for loss of samples and reagents if they fail.

Company Supply Centers & Freezer Programs
Company Building & Room Number Contact Name and Phone Number
Invitrogen/LifeTech Supply Centers (part of Thermo) EIHG 3250 Josh Romney: 801-209-8579
EEJMR 3100
HCI 3270
Applied Biosystems (part of Thermo) RB 110 Josh Romney: 801-209-8579
Fermentas Life Sciences (part of Thermo) EIHG 7470 Sandy Kazuko: 801-585-5412
HCI 3rd Floor Bench 3F Laura McCullough: 801-581-3890
EEJMR 5552
New England BioLabs EEJMR 4520M Brian Allen: 801-581-2447
Qiagen SOM 5C426 Liji Mammen
EEJMR 3700 Heidi Schubert
Roche EEJMR 2520 Roy Bastien: 801-587-3640 | Dan Konet (Rep): 720-215-0094
Promega HCI L5510

Kara Chamberlain Ph.D.


EIHG Outside Rm 7280

Helix Team

EEJMR 5552
Bio-Rad EEJMR 3200 Chelsea McCallister: 510-806-5689
SOM 4B310

If there are any other companies that have freezer programs here in the University of Utah campus and want to be listed here, please contact Derek Warner at 801-581-4736 or