Notification of Results

You will be notified promptly by email and/or phone as soon as your sample(s) have been analyzed and results are ready.
You can pick up a hardcopy of your results anytime during business hours.

Electronic Results/Reports

For most types of data, results can be sent to you by email if requested on the sample submission form (for a small additional charge)

However, please stop by the MS Facility if you have any questions about the results, need help understanding the data, or would like consultation about sample preparation or mass spectrometry for your proteomics research.

See the tables below for normal sample turn-around times, based on the type of analysis requested.


Type of MS Analysis Expected Turn-Around Time*
MALDI/ToF – general or routine samples (e.g.. peptides, small molecules) Up to 5 days
MALDI/ToF – general or routine samplesAccurate-mass measurements (positive or negative-ion) Up to 7 days
MALDI/ToF – non-routine samplesSamples requiring method development, unusual preparation, or special analysis conditions Up to 15 days


Electrospray (ESI)

Type of MS Analysis Expected Turn-Around Time
ESI/MS – general or routine samples(e.g. intact proteins, DNA, small molecules) Up to 10 days
ESI/MS/MS – non-routine samplesMS/MS structure work; daughter, parent, or neutral-loss analyses Up to 15 days
ESI/MS or ESI/MS/MS – non-routine samples(e.g. samples requiring method development) Inquire
ESI/FTMS – routine samples Accurate mass measurement(positive-ion); Accurate mass measurement(negative-ion); Peptide sequencing Up to 15 days (Inquire for negative-ion)
LC/MS or LC/MS/MS – routine samples(e.g. small molecules or peptides) Up to 15 days
LC/MS or LC/MS/MS –  non-routine samples(e.g. special chromatography conditions, method development or special setup required) Inquire


Proteomics Samples

Type of MS Analysis Expected Turn-Around Time*
LC/MS/MS – routine samplesProtein ID from gel or solution; Analysis of peptide mixtures or synthetic peptides; Identification of routine protein modifications (e.g. phosphorylation); IMAC purification and phosphopeptide analysis; Complex protein mixtures Up to 15 days

More than 6 gel bands or samples submitted at the same time may take longer.

LC/MS/MS – non-routine samplesCustom protein analysis, special sample preparation, or special instrument setup;Analysis of difficult or labile protein modifications;Identification of disulfide linkages Up to 20 days

The search for modifications or disulfide linkages sometimes requires many experiments and may take longer

ESI/MS – general or routine samplesIntact protein analysis Up to 10 days
ESI/FTMS – routine samplesPeptide sequencing;Accurate mass measurements (positive-ion);Intact protein analysis (FTMS) Up to 15 days
FTMS – non-routine samplesRequest for special FTMS analyses (e.g. “top-down” analysis of intact proteins);Identification of disulfide linkages Inquire
Database Searching –Requests for additional or custom database searches;Denovo sequence searches Up to 10 days

* Business days, not including University holidays or weekends.

  • Unexpected instrument problems or down time may increase the turn-around time.
  • More than 6 gel bands or samples submitted at the same time may take longer.
  • Identification of post-translational modifications sometimes requires many experiments and may take longer.
  • Samples submitted by investigators outside the University of Utah may take longer.