Where to Bring Your Samples:

Mass and Proteomics Core
15 N Medical Drive East, Room A306
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-5650

Submission Forms

You must fill out a Sample Submission Form to submit a sample.

For all protein, peptide-related, and proteomics samples, use the Proteomics Sample Submission Form

For all other samples (e.g. nucleic acids (DNA or RNA oligomers, PCR products, tRNA), natural products, small synthetic molecules, polymers, synthetic peptides, and other biomolecules), use the General Sample Submission Form

Please fill-in the requested information on the sample submission form as completely as possible, and refer to the Guidelines and Protocols and Services for pertinent information regarding submitting your samples.

If you have a labile sample that requires fast analysis, you can contact the MS Facility a week or more in advance to discuss and arrange a specific time for sample analysis.