Herpes Simplex Virus type 1

PFT2 and EM3DR2

(PFT and EM3DR II)

Poliovirus (red) complexed with its cellular receptor (cyan)


PFT2 and EM3DR2 are programs for computing three-dimensional reconstructions from two-dimensional projections of 3D objects.  The two programs were developed for three-dimensional electron microscopy–particularly biological macromolecules imaged by cryogenic electron microscopy.  PFT2 is used to determine orientations and origins of imaged particles.  EM3DR2 is used to compute three-dimensional reconstructions based on the orientation and origin parameters determined by PFT2 or other programs.

The two programs are extensively modified versions of the original EMPFT/PFT code written by Timothy S. Baker and R. Holland Cheng (J. Struct. Biol. [1996] 116, 120-130) and the original 3D reconstruction code written by Crowther et al. ([1970] Nature 226, 421-425) and modified by Timothy S. Baker, Stephen Fuller, and colleagues (J. Struct. Biol. [1996] 116, 48-55).  Click here for a summary of the changes.

PFT2 and EM3DR2 are developed as free software for the scientific community.  As free software, there is no guarantee or obligation on any of the authors to provide support. However, the authors appreciate constructive comments and corrections and will do their best to be of assistance and to resolve problems with the programs.

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