DNA/Peptide Synthesis

The DNA / Peptide Synthesis Core provides researchers with solid-phase chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides and peptides. services offered offered include a variety of synthesis scales and purity options to meet a wide range of experimental needs. In addition to synthesis with standard bases and amino acids, the facility also offers hundreds of specialty modifications that can be incorporated. Some common examples include phosphorylation, biotinylation, flours and fluor/quencher pairs, as well as several types modified-monomers. Many investigators also utilize functional group modifications such as amino, thiol, or alkyne/azide groups for use in conjugation or immobilization reactions.

Our on-campus location allows for rapid turn-around times and convenient delivery of products. Feel free to contact us with any questions or have a look at our FAQs, where you’ll find answers to many of the more common ones. FAQs

To place an order, please go to resource.cores.utah.edu.

Referencing Us

If you are reading this section…Congratulations! And thank you for using our facility. We hope to continue providing you with excellent service to aid in your research endeavors. One way to help ensure that we (and other cores) are able to do so is to acknowledge the Cores in your publications. Most of you utilize the DNA/Peptide Facility for your basic PCR and sequencing primer needs. However, we would greatly appreciate your kindness in this matter, especially with respect to specialty syntheses or HPLC analysis. Sample text to use in acknowledgements can be found below.


Thanks again, and we wish you continued success!


For oligos and peptides:

Oligonucleotides [or peptides] were synthesized by the DNA/Peptide Facility, part of the Health Sciences Center Cores at the University of Utah.


For HPLC work:

HPLC analysis [or purification] was performed by the DNA/Peptide Facility, part of the Health Sciences Center Cores at the University of Utah.

  • Standard DNA requests of up to ~90 bases are made either on our Dr. Oligo 192 or our ABI3900 synthesizer.
  • Specialty DNA and all RNA are made primarily on one of two K&A H8 Synthesizers or our ABI394.
  • Peptides are made on an ABI433 instrument.
  • We have 3 HPLC systems for the highest quality purification of nucleic acids, peptides, and small molecules:
  • Beckman Coulter Gold System 125P and 168 for preparatory runs.
  • Hewlett Packard Series 1100 for analytical analysis.

40nmole, Crude oligos are not purified. All others are cartridge-purified unless otherwise specified. Additional fees apply for HPLC and/or Specialty Modifications.


Starting Scale Set-Up Fee Fee/base
25nmole, Desalted $3 $0.16
40nmole, Crude $4 $0.22
40nmole* $5 $0.42
200nmole* $7 $0.50
1umole** $10 $1.20


*40/200nmole scale: $50
**1umole scale: $75


All RNA are desalted unless HPLC is specified. The RNAI service has unique requirements. See the FAQs for guidelines.


Starting Scale Set-Up Fee Fee/base
200nmole, RNAI* $10 $3.30
200nmole* $15 $5.38
1umole** $20 $7.83


*200nmole scale: $50
**1umole scale: $75


The basic fee includes:  synthesis, reversed phase purification, reanalysis of the fractions by analytical HPLC, lyophilization,  mass confirmation, and quantification if the peptide contains one or more of the following amino acids: C, Y, W.  Peptides without these amino acids can be quantified by amino acid analysis for an extra fee.  Usually the chromatographic fractions from purification are delivered in separate tubes with a table listing the purity and amount in each.


Starting Scale Set-Up Fee Fee/aa
50umole $160 $20.28
100umole $200 $28.50
250umole $240 $36.52


Please see the FAQs section for estimates of peptide yields.


We provide analytical and prepartive HPLC analysis of peptides and small molecules. Contact us for pricing and capability information.

We offer a wide variety of modifications into DNA, RNA, and peptides. Please contact us for your peptide needs.

Turnaround times for DNA/RNA are usually 2-3 days, but may be longer depending on demand and reagent stock.

Most pricing is per bottle of the reagent.  We can perform multiple couplings from a single bottle of reagent.

This is only a partial list of common modifications. Visit Glen Research for other goodies and pricing information. Other sources for specialty phosphoramidites are available, but generally are more expensive.

Specialty Bases


  • 5-methyl-dC
  • 5-hydroxymethyl-dC
  • 5-formyl-dC
  • 5-carboxy-dC

Duplex Stability

  • 5-nitroindole (universal base)
  • dI
  • dU
  • 2-amino-dA
  • 2′-OMe/2′-F bases
  • Phosphorothioate Bonds

DNA Damage/Repair

  • 8-oxo-dG
  • 5-OH-dC
  • 5-OH-dU
Functional Groups


  • 5′-P
  • 3′-P

Thiol Modifiers*

  • 5′-thiol-S-S
  • 3′-thiol-S-S

Amino Modifiers

  • 5′-Amino-TEG
  • 5′-Amino-C6
  • Amino-5 (NH2-CH2-CH2-O-CH2-CH2-)
  • Amino-dT

Click Chemistry

  • 5′-bromohexyl (azide)
  • 5′-hexynyl (alkyne)
  • 3′-alkyne-serinol
  • C8-alkyne-dT
  • 5-ethynyl-dU


  • 5′-Biotin-TEG
  • 3′-Biotin-TEG<
  • Biotin-dT
Dyes & Quenchers


  • FITC
  • 6-FAM
  • Cy3/3.5
  • Cy5/5.5


  • BHQ-1
  • BHQ-2
  • BHQ-3
  • Epoch Eclipse
  • Blackberry Quencher

PEG Spacers

  • Spacer9 (3 PEG units)
  • Spacer18 (6 PEG units)

Carbon Spacers

  • C3
  • C12

Abasic Spacers

  • dSpacer (deoxy)
  • dSpacer (ribo)
Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 7am-6pm

If you would like to pick up your order after the business hours, please give us a call to make an arrangement at 801-581-4051.


Radiobiology Building
30 N 2030 East Room 140 RB
Salt Lake City, UT 84112


Mike Hanson Ph.D., Director

Andrea Koehler, Lab Technician

Meredith Ford, Lab Technician

Advisory Committee

Raphael Franzini, Professor, College of Pharmacy

Ming Hammond, Professor, Chemistry Department

Mahesh Chandrasekharan, Professor, Radiation Oncology