1. Use the correct containers to submit samples. Please use only the tubes and plates below. We have them available for purchase at the Core facility.

# of samples Container How to Submit
32 or less Tubes with caps and labels
  • Every tube must be labeled with Tough-Tags. Clearly label the tubes numerically (1, 2, 3, etc.) followed by the sample name.
  • Keep caps on a strip
  • Add a piece of tape with the order ID on top of the tubes!
  • The tubes must be ones purchased from us (see picture below) as they are used with our laboratory robotics to process the samples.
32 or more 96-well full skirt plate with sealing films as cover
  • Label the plate with the order name
  • Starting with A1, fill the plate by column A1, B1, C1,…H1, A2, B2, and so forth.
  • Leave position H12 empty for our control
  • Cover the plate with sealing film.

2. Add the right amount of DNA, primer to tubes or plates according to the table below. Please do not submit less than 10 ul total volume. Primer must be added by the user.

DNA Type Size Amount of DNA Primer Amount Volume to Submit
PCR 100-250 bp 30-50 ng 4-5 pmoles 10 uL
PCR 250-500 bp 50-100 ng 5-6 pmoles 10 uL
PCR 500bp -1kb 100-150 ng 6-10 pmoles 10 uL
PCR 1 kb or more 150 ng 5-10 pmoles 10-12 uL
Plasmid 12 kb or less 600-1000 ng 5-10 pmoles 10-12 uL


**Important Note: The facility provides the following Common Primers: M13F, M13R, SP6, T7, T7Terminal, and T3. See Primer Sequences. It is the user’s responsibility to add the primer to his/her samples.

3. You will receive an email from our system when the sequences are ready for download.

  • All DNA should be checked for concentration and purity before submission to the Core, both by OD as well as agarose gel. We will not reprocess samples for free that have obvious problems with concentration and/or purity.
  • We recommend DNA templates, both PCR and plasmids, to be purified using prep kits from well established brands such as Qiagen, Invitrogen, Millipore, etc. Excessive salt, alcohol, protein and RNA will compromise the sequencing reaction. Left over primer and dNTPs from PCR reactions will also interfere with DNA sequencing.
  • Log in to the Resource system to submit your order. Click here to login.
  • Drop off your samples at one of the assigned locations. Off-campus users please FedEx your samples to our lab. Samples should be fine shipped at room temperature.