For the convenience of our users we have five locations on the University of Utah campus where samples can be dropped.

Core personnel will visit  locations daily from Monday to Friday (unless noted otherwise), except during University of Utah closure days.  There is no need to call the Core Lab.


During Business Hours

Location Notes
School of Medicine – 4A 438 Please drop off your samples before 11 am. NOTE:  This location now resides behind a locked door. Access should be worked out in advance of your lab using this location. Please contact Derek for assistance (801-581-4736)
Core Lab – RB 110 Please have samples in before noon
Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) –  Room 4370 (4th floor) building, fridge facing isles 4X Please have samples in before 11 AM
South Biology – Room 202A There is a small fridge inside the mail room on the main floor of the building. Samples will be picked up at 11:30 AM.
Research Park – 417 Wakara, 2nd floor, Room #2222 There is a shelf In the fridge marked for “DNA Sequencing Core Drop Off.”  Samples can be dropped off between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:30 pm M-F. If you cannot get into the building call Chris at 1-8337. Please drop off samples here by 11:30am.


After Business Hours

Location Notes
Radiobiology Building – Room 114 This is a walk-in fridge. As you walk in, there are racks to the right which are labeled, “DNA Sequencing”. Please utilize this location only after hours. You must have access to this building in order to utilize this drop-off after hours.