Sequencing Pricing


Container Type University of Utah Off-campus Academic Off-campus Commercial
Tubes $8.20 $12.59 $13.00
96-Plate (32-69 samples) $6.70 $10.28 $10.30
96-Plate (70-95 samples) $5.15 $7.91 $7.90
4 Full* 96-well plates $1,802.50 $2,766.84 $2,750.00
BACs/large Clones


* – A full 96-well plate consists of at least 80 samples. With Bulk pricing you ARE paying for the empty wells, so it is in your best interest to have the max 95 samples per plate to get the best pricing possible. Plates must be marked 1 of 4, 2 of 4, 3 of 4, and 4 of 4.



Robotic Time

Pricing: 1/4 hour increments at $60/hour plus any consumables.


Fragment Analyzer


University of Utah External Academic or Government Commercial
High Sensitivity NGS Fragment Analysis Kit $127/run $194.95 $254
High Sensitivity RNA Analysis Kit $127/run $194.95 $254


Qiagen Q24 Pyrosequencer


University of Utah External Academic Commercial
Qiegen Q24 Pyrosequencer $75 per plate (up to 24 samples) $115.13 per plate $150 per plate


This is cost per run to cover service contracts. This does not include costs of your kits that will be specific to your project and will need to be priced with each project.


Sanger Validation of NGS Data

$50/ hour time and any reagents for testing (primers, PCR mixes, gels, etc)


Pricing for supplies from the core:


Consumables Price
Tube Rack Pack (Everything for 96 samples) $35.00
Bag of Tubes (960 tubes) $45.00
Bag of Caps (for 960 tubes) $65.00
10 Sheets of Tube Labels $20.00
10 96-well Plates $18.00
10 Plate Seals $8.00