Samples will be run and reported SAME DAY as long as they are in our possession at the core by 12pm on a normal University work day.  This is barring any catastrophic failure of the instruments.


Also, it is possible that not all samples will be run on the day they are submitted if received sample volume exceeds instrumentation capacity (around 8 96-well plates per day).

There is a possible additional run that can be run Monday – Thursday.  If there are 80 samples AT THE CORE at 3pm, we will build and run another sequencing run.  That data would usually be available by approximately 12-1 the next day.  This run is not guaranteed and will not happen if less than 80 samples are at the core.  We will not be picking up samples at the drop boxes away from our core a second time during the day.  The run will not occur Friday because the samples would have to sit on the thermocyclers over the weekend and that creates a risk of sample loss in the case of a power outage.