We welcome new users from the University of Utah, other Academic, non-profit and Commercial institutions.

Signing up for an account is quick and easy. Once the account is set up by our administrative staff, you will have access to our all our services online.

If you are new to the Cores, you must complete a work authorization form which will allow you to use all of the services that the cores offer. The form is located at the top of this page underneath WORK AUTH FORMS. There is a video with instructions and the form is electronic.

U of U Primary Investigators:

Please complete the electronic work authorization form. A new account will be set up in our system and you will usually be able to log in the same day.

New Lab Users to Existing UofU Accounts:

If you are a new associate, student or technician working for somebody that already has an account with us, please also fill out the electronic work authorization.

Customers from Other Institutions

Please fill out the electronic work authorization. New users might be required to provide a valid PO number before service is rendered.

First Time Logging In

After our administrative office emails you, do the following:

University of Utah Core labs login You can log in using the same uNID (or user name if you’re a non-University client) to order supplies and schedule instrument time on this system.

The Core Research Facilities has an administrative staff team to help with billing and accounts issues. Feel free to call the Cores Administration at (801) 581-2425 if you have any questions.