Zeiss 880 Airy Scan:

Location:CSC Room 032

Schedule for Use

Main features of Zeiss 880 Airy Scan System:

  • Five detectors, Three Photo Multipliers Tube (PMT) detectors and two GaSP detectors for enhanced sensitivity and dynamic range for 5 total fluorescent channels.
  • Transmitted light detector available for simultaneous brightfield imaging of samples while scanning confocally.
  • AIRY scan detector capable of super resolution imaging
  • Fast AIRY scan system for high speed super resolution imaging timelapse
  • Epifluorescence and DIC (Nomarski) illumination lamps for rapid sample identification and focusing.
  • Filter wheel used for epifluorescence viewing of sample is currently outfitted with with DAPI (blue), FITC (green), and TRITC (red), filter cube sets.
  • Laser autofocus system provides focal depth consistency across varying sample regions of interest.
  • Piezo Z stage for fast z acquisition
  • IBIDI stage top incubator with temperature, C02 and humidity. Plates and dishes with glass bottoms.

Imaging lasers:

  • 405nm diode laser
  • 488nm Argon gas laser
  • 561nm diode
  • 638nm diode

Suggested Applications:

  • Multichannel fluorescence and transmitted fixed slide imaging
  • Tiling mosaics of fixed or live samples
  • Timelapse of dishes or glass bottom well plates


  • 4X
  • 10X
  • 20X
  • 60X oil