Equipment Type: Zeiss 700
Location: Radiobiology Lab (Bldg 586) Room 56

Reserve for Use

Main features of Zeiss 700 System:

  • Two Photo Multipliers Tube (PMT) detector unit enables simultaneous 12 bit (4096 intensity levels) acquisition of up to 4 fluorescent channels.
  • Confocal scan head unit can provide high-resolution images up to 2048 x 2048 pixels in size.
  • Fully automated Zeiss Observer Z1 inverted microscope.
  • LED Epifluorescence and HAL100 Brightfield illumination lamps for rapid sample identification and focusing.
  • Filter wheel used for epifluorescence viewing of the sample is currently outfitted with  DAPI, FITC (green), and Rhodamine (red), filter cube sets.
  • Motorized XY stage with a variety of stage inserts available (slides, dishes, multiwall plates, etc..).
  • Zeiss Zen Black multi-platform acquisition software.
  • Measurements include: Z stack, Time lapse, Stitching/Tiling, XY positions, and Spectra unmixing

Imaging lasers:

  • 405nm diode laser
  • 488nm diode laser, 10mW
  • 555nm diode laser, 10mW
  • 639nm diode laser, 5mW


  • 10X
  • 20X
  • 40X Water
  • 63X Oil