Equipment Type: Confocal Microscope
Location: Radiobiology Lab (Bldg 586) Room 48B/48D

Reserve for Use

Main features of Prairie Ultima 2/Multi-Photon Confocal System:

  • Six detectors, four reflected mode Photo Multipliers Tube (PMT) detectors and two transmitted mode PMTs for second harmonic and fluorescence detection.
  • High NA water immersion optics including 16x PLANAPO LWD Nikon NA 0.8 and a PLANAPO Correction collar LWD 25x NA 1.1, 60x LUMFL water immersion Olympus NA0.8.
  • Resonance scanner for high speed imaging timelapse (~200fps depending on format)
  • Piezo Z drive for fast z acquisition, 2 inch travel, XY motorized stage
  • Fixed (Z) stage with adjustable (2 inch) travel
  • Bioscience Tools stage top incubator with heated pad, heated dish
  • Mouse Anesthesia system from VetEquip for in vivo applications (Halothane with scrubber)
  • Gas supply, 02, C02, 02/C02 mix

Imaging lasers:

  • Coherent Vision II with tuning 705-1060nm pulsed femtosecond range 4000-400mW depending on wavelength

Suggested Applications:

  • Deep live cell imaging of zebrafish, mouse in vivo, organ culture and slices, 3D cell culture
  • Multichannel fluorescence in vivo, slices or cultures
  • Tiling mosaics of fixed or live samples
  • Timelapse of whole mount, in vivo mouse, culture
  • Second harmonic imaging of collagen or other ECM


  • 10x PLANAPO air NA .3
  • 40x W LUMPFL NA 0.75
  • 60X W LUMPFL NA 0.8
  • 16X LWD NA 0.8
  • 25X W LWD Correction collar, NA 1.1