It is your responsibility to reserve the time you use. You must report usage variations (overages and cancellations) to Dr. Wang before the end of the month to reconcile charges. In order for your account to work it needs to have a valid chartfield assigned to it and the core office needs to approve. If you get an error about chartfields it means yours has expired or there isn’t a valid chartfield assigned to your account. The core offices (801-581-2425) can reauthorize your account should this occur.

Usage Policies

There are limits to the number of hours a lab or user may reserve at any given time (20 business hours per week total). Exceptions must be arranged with the imaging core committee. Users who need after hours access need to contact the Cell Imaging Team about access and sign a security form in the main office RM 5C124 of the School of Medicine.

Imaging Core Advisory Committee

The committee was established July 2011 and meets about every other month to discuss various issues including upgrades to equipment, problems with equipment, allocating confocal time to large scan projects requiring >24 hour scans and service priorities for the future. The most recent meeting date is listed in the news section for the core.


Users will be notified by Dr. Wang when they have violated posted core policies (oil on objectives, disregarding requests, logbook issues, not reserving time etc.) via email. The first offense they will receive email warning cc’d to the PI with a suggested remedy and a notice of the penalty schedule. Notice of the second offense will be sent by the oversight committee and copied to the PI with an invoice for a $250.00 penalty. The third notice will result in a $1000 penalty with review by the oversight committee for blocking future usage privileges. Users found without reservations will be charged the full rate plus be put on the list for a $250 fine for the second notice.

After Hours Usage

The new policy on after hours usage requires users to sign up for time in advance. Incidents of unregistered usage will be charged to the PI at $100/hr. No property of the core facility may leave the building without prior approval from core staff even for short experiments. If there is a problem in the facility after hours please contact the Cell Imaging Team.

Data Storage Issues

Our current data storage policy has been adopted to ensure that enough free space is available on hard drives for capture of new data.  The Cell Imaging core is not responsible for storing your data. We actively delete data that is more than 90 days old. We are not responsible for data lost due to hard drive failures even within the 90 day period following creation dates. Acquisition instruments are not on the network to preserve security and reduce interference with the instruments. If you need a better data transfer solution please contact the staff for advice rather than leaving your only copy of data at the facility.

Equipment Repair and Troubleshooting

The web calendar will be disabled for instruments that are down for an extended period of more than 48 hours. There will be note of this with a description on the news section of the calendar. Please help us all to troubleshoot our instruments in a timely manner by providing feedback in the logbooks or directly to core staff when difficulties arise.


All users are required to enter their usage in the corresponding logbook. The purpose of this documentation is to allow up to the minute feedback about issues as they arise, and to notify core staff is something was not up to standard. Failure to comply is a violation of policies.

Data Handling

The overwhelming amount of data storage requirements for the core dictates that the user is responsible for their own data. If you have data that is important and cannot be lost, it is your responsibility to have a backup copy of the data. The data throughput on core hard drives is such that they have a limited lifespan and we cannot guarantee that your data is backed up. We generate 10s of terabytes of data monthly and have no way of determining what data is important or already backed up.  The best solutions for transferring large amounts of data are large USB keys or external drives. Consult with the staff if you are having data transfer or conversion issues we are glad to help.

Workstations with Web Access

We have two designated workstations in the core for users to access the web calendar and do basic image processing and web surfing, one is located in our main location at HSC in room 60 and the other is located at HCI in room 1470.

Consultation is Limited to Reserved Time
If you are working on an instrument and have problems come see one of the staff who will be happy to help. If you need help with imaging and need more than a few minutes of our time, reserve it on the calendar. When our time is reserved another staff member will have to help you. Staff members are not able to consult outside the lab without a reservation.
Samples and Reservation Etiquette
Samples and items left in the core will be stored for 14 days upon which they will be discarded. We are not responsible for items left in the facility for extended periods. Please label any equipment or materials that need to reside in the core with your name, phone and email include your PI’s name as well. If you need gas other than C02 for your experiments you must arrange with the staff 48 hours in advance. The culture incubator will be cleared of samples on Friday afternoon. If you need dishes to remain you need to personally show the staff which dishes by Friday noon. Please do not set up a scan that will go beyond your reserved time. Similarly, samples left on microscopes past the reserved time can be removed. We prefer that a staff member does this because occasionally there is a mix-up as to which scope an user has reserved. To avoid accidently stopping someone’s experiment, contact a staff member to check the schedule.