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Bioinformatics is an HCI-managed core available to all University faculty, and the HCI-website for this core is here.

This Facility can assist you with microarray and next-generation sequencing experiment design, data analysis, data visualization, and choice of analysis software. A variety of analysis software tools are available through this facility, including GeneSpring, GeneSifter, Spotfire, USeq, IGB, and Bioconductor. The facility’s staff can also assist with the design of custom microarrays, annotation of custom or commercial arrays, grant support, and access to public microarray databases.
Bioinformatics Full Website

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List of Services

  • Next-Generation sequencing and microarray experiement design
  • Data analysys
  • Grant application and publication support
  • Custom microarray design
  • Public database submissions and access
  • High-performance computing resources

The Bioinformatics Core’s services are described in detail here.

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Huntsman Cancer Institute Room 3165
University Medical Center, 2000 Circle of Hope Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84112


Brett Milash, Co-Director

David Nix, Ph.D., Co-Director