10X Genomics Chromium Controller
The Chromium controller can be used for a number of sequencing applications from single cell RNA Seq to phased sequencing of genomic DNA. A full list of available kits is available from 10x Genomics here: https://www.10xgenomics.com/product-list/.

The DNA Sequencing Core has been able to add this instrument to our offerings through a kind donation by the Department of Pathology. We are happy to create sample libraries for any users per the established protocols and kits purchased from 10x Genomics. Costs will vary by number of hours labor required by each individual kit.

Sequencing of your libraries can be facilitated through our outside sequencing contracts as well. Turn around time for sequencing will be approximately 3 weeks after completion of the 10x libraries. Sequencing costs will be based on depth of coverage required to answer your research question.

After sequencing is complete, data will be transferred back to the DNA Sequencing Core and the Core can run the 10x pipelines for you as required or the data can be returned to you and pipelines can be run on your own server.

Core Requirements:

  1. Users must consult with the Core BEFORE commencing experiments.
  2. The Core will expect the submitting lab to order the 10x kits prior to experiment start dates.
  3. We expect each lab to schedule time with us to be sure we will be able to support your project in advance of your project commencing.
  4. We expect cells to be delivered in a single cell suspension with a cell count done by the submitting lab. Cells must be provided at their final intended concentration and buffer. You should aim for ~ 1,000 cells/ul and cells should be in the PBS+BSA (or media, but no EDTA or high level of Mg2+).
  5. In general cell viability suggested by 10x is 95% or better. However, if you as the PI wish to run at a lower viability rate, we will do so upon your direction.  Please understand that running at lower viability may negatively impact your data.
  6. For guidance on preparing the cell suspension, please go to the 10x document here:
  7. Cells must be delivered to the Core no later than 1pm.