Upcoming Symposium - Recent Advances in Heme Biosynthesis and the Porphyrias

Porphyria Consortium is hosting a meeting to discuss the latest advances in porphyria disorders.  The meeting details can be found at the following link.

Dates: January 12-14, Orlando FL details

3 New Primers for Use In Sequencing

The DNA Sequencing Core is carrying 3 new primers for use in sequencing with the Core.  They are CMV-F, EGFP-C, and EGFP-N.  If you need these primers for sequencing through the core, please come get an aliquot.

MGD Core New Publication


The MGD Core was recently involved in the publication of a paper that may lay the groundwork for manipulating the mosquito genome in an effort to prevent the spread of malaria and other diseases carried by this vector. See the links below to the paper and news stories on the research.

Silencing of end-joining repair for efficient site-specific gene insertion after TALEN/CRISPR mutagenesis in Aedes aegypti. Basu et al. PNA, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1502370112




New Search Tool for Finding Scientific Equipment at the U


Need to find equipment for your research? Use the new search tool to identify if what you need is on the U. Campus. The link to the search can be found here: http://fbs.admin.utah.edu/property/equipment-search/

2017 HSC Core Facilities Annual Report


The HSC Core Research Facilities Administration has just released the HSC Cores annual report.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any one of our administration staff.

2017 HSC Cores Annual Report

Late Fee on Unpaid Invoices


The Core Research Facilities Administration has implemented a late fee on unpaid invoices. The billing terms are Net 30 and past due invoices accrue interest charges of 1.5% per month.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at 801-581-2425 or by email at billing@cores.utah.edu

Thank You,

Core Research Facilities Administration

New Version of Sequencer Software


There is a new version of Sequencing software available to download. Version 5.2.2 for both Mac and Pc can be downloaded from the Sanger Sequencing Software page. The software is compatible up to windows 8.1 and mac up to v10.8. “If using OS v10.9 for mac, please download sequencher 5.2.3 from www.genecodes.com.