Equipment Type: Widefield / Spinning Disk Microscope
Location: Radiobiology Lab (Bldg 586) Room 59
U of U Personnel Rate:$12.5 per hour
Reserve for Use

Main features of System:

  • Widefield light pathway employs a high sensitivity Andor Clara CCD camera with thermoelectric cooling (-55degC) for elimination of dark current and ultra-low read noise while producing imagery at up to 16bit  intensity resolution (65536 levels) over a 1392 x 1040 pixel field
  • Spinning disk pathway employs an ultra-high sensitivity Andor Clara CCD camera with thermoelectric cooling (-95degC)  and is capable of producing imagery at up to 16bit intensity resolution over a 1024 x 1024 pixel field at up to 4200 frames per second
  • Mercury lamps for both widefield fluorescence and transmitted illumination pathways
  • Fully automated Nikon Ti-E inverted microscope
  • Perfect Focus System provides focal depth consistency across varying sample regions of interest
  • Motorized Prior II XY stage with a variety of stage inserts available (slides,dishes, multiwall plates, etc..)
  • Nikon NIS-Elements multi-platform acquisition software

Imaging lasers:

  • 405nm diode laser
  • 488nm Argon gas laser
  • 543nm Helium-neon gas laser


  • 10X
  • 20X
  • 40X water
  •  40X ELWD
  • Other objectives available–please inquire with Core personnel